Digital Ninja.


A Digital Ninja refers to Malaysian student who has great digital making talent and has shown tremendous potential to become the next Digital Tech expert. All Digital Ninjas will attend a specially tailored programme offering advanced Digital Making and Upskilling, Critical Thinking, Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills.

Essentially, the Digital Ninja programme will hone a student’s skills and provide exposure to innovative thinking and inspire change-makers. Its aim is to create the future hearts and heads of digital technology companies and to network with global and local NGOs, waiting for next big digital idea to solve real world problems.

At the end of the programme, Digital Ninjas will receive MDEC’s endorsement and guidance in applying for scholarship and university placements in leading universities.

Digital Ninja are continuously engaged throughout their high school years to develop their tech and digital making skills as well as quintessential soft skills. Upon graduating, their paths are guided towards becoming digital change makers in the industry and contributing back to society.

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