Training modules

1. Computational Thinking and Computer Science

  • Primary School
  • Secondary School

2. Design and Technology

  • Primary school Training Module
  • Secondary School

3. Jom Coding

  • Asas Sains Komputer  
  • Sains Komputer

4. Digital Maker Club

Video tutorials

Science Computer Module

ASK/SK Tutorial Videos:

Design and Technology Module

RBT Tutorial Videos:

Digital Maker Club Modules

V 3.0 Aktiviti Sokongan Duta Penggerak Digital 170328

V 6.0 Kelab Fotografi Penggerak Digital 170328

V 6.0 Kelab Komputer Penggerak Digital 170328

V 7.0 Kelab Robotik Penggerak Digital 180409

L00 Framework Of Content

L01 Introduction Of Maya (Maya Interface)

L02 History of Animation (Solid Drawing)

L03 Animation Interface (Slow In Slow Out)

L04 Squash & Stretch

L05 Arcs Timing

L06 Anticipation

L07 Follow Through (Overlapping)

L08 Pose To Pose (Straight Ahead)

L09 Staging

L10 Secondary Action

L11 Exaggeration

L12 Video Compilation